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READ BANNED BOOKS | Friendship Bracelet | Various Sizes, Colors, and Styles

READ BANNED BOOKS | Friendship Bracelet | Various Sizes, Colors, and Styles

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Introducing our handmade "Red Banned Books" bracelet, a powerful accessory that embraces the importance of intellectual freedom and the fight against censorship. Crafted with meticulous care, each bracelet is a unique testament to literature's enduring spirit.

Available in a variety of sizes, these bracelets are designed to fit comfortably on your wrist. With our commitment to quality and attention to detail, these bracelets are ready to ship, ensuring you receive your meaningful piece promptly. Wear this literary-inspired jewelry proudly, spreading awareness and celebrating the written word while making a stylish statement against censorship.


Purple/Black | 7.5 inches - Made from glass beads on elastic cords with gold-plated accents and gold and black alphabet beads.

Multi-colored| 7.5 inches - Made from a dyed turquoise and glass beads with gold-plated accents and colored alphabet beads.

Turquoise and Pink Beads | 7.5 inches - Made with turquoise and Indian paper beads that have a mix of pink, purple, and gold accent. This bracelet also features silver-plated beads and colored alphabet beads.

Red and Black| 7.5 inches - This bracelet features square glass beads in red, black, and clear colors and gold-plated accents with gold and black alphabet beads spelling out Read Banned Books.

Pink and Grey | 7.5 inch - Made with pink cat's eye beads and grey crystals with gold-plated accents. The alphabet beads feature gold lettering in a mixture of pinks, neutrals and greys.

Pink and Grey Lampwork| 7.5 inches - This is a chunkier bracelet that features iridescent pink beads, and grey beads with a pink lampwork flower. Read Banned Books is spelled out with pinks, neutrals, greens, and yellows and the design is accented with gold-plated beads.

Green Crystal | 8 inch - This dainty bracelet is made with green crystal and pale green jade. It's accented with gold-plated beads and white and gold alphabet beads.

Yellow/Green | 7.5 inch - This bracelet is made with yellow turquoise and light green crystals and gold-plated accents with white and gold alphabet beads.

Blue Flowers | 7 inch - This statement bracelet features carved blue flowers and light blue crystals and with gold-plated accents. Read Banned Books is spelled out in a mixture of grey, pink, and natural colors and gold writing.
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