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READ BANNED BOOKS Bracelet | Literary Activism Bracelet | Gifts for Readers | 2 Styles

READ BANNED BOOKS Bracelet | Literary Activism Bracelet | Gifts for Readers | 2 Styles

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Celebrate the freedom of expression and support literature with our captivating "Read Banned Books" beaded bracelets. Not only do these bracelets serve as a powerful reminder to cherish and protect the written word, but they also contribute to a greater cause.

A portion of the proceeds from these bracelets will be donated to PEN America—a champion for the freedom to create, convey ideas, and access diverse literary perspectives. PEN America works tirelessly to protect writers, celebrate literature, and defend free speech. With your purchase, you play a vital role in supporting their mission and ensuring that essential voices of literature continue to be heard.

The striking design of these bracelets features shell beads on a backdrop of white and neutral shades, accented with elegant gold-plated beads. The inspiring message, "Read Banned Books," is beautifully spelled out with a combination of white and gold alphabet beads, making a bold statement in support of intellectual freedom and the power of the written word.

Choose from two versions that suit your style: one showcasing warm brown crystals and measuring 7.5 inches, and the other featuring sparkling clear crystal beads with a slightly larger fit of 7.75 inches. Both versions are expertly crafted with elastic cord, ensuring a comfortable and flexible fit for everyday wear.

These bracelets not only make a stylish addition to your wardrobe but also become a symbol of your commitment to promoting knowledge, creativity, and the freedom to explore new ideas through literature.

With every purchase of our "Read Banned Books" beaded bracelets, you join us in celebrating literature and supporting the invaluable work of PEN America. Help us continue to champion the freedom to write and make a positive impact on the literary community. Together, let's defend free speech and ensure that diverse voices continue to thrive in the world of literature.

Embrace the empowering message of "Read Banned Books" and wear these bracelets proudly, knowing that your purchase contributes to a cause that protects writers, celebrates literature, and fosters the vibrant exchange of ideas. Join us in promoting intellectual freedom and expressing your passion for literature with these enchanting beaded bracelets.

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